Summer Roundup

Oh boy oh boy.  Summer in the cheese making business really is a whirlwind.  There are cheese shows and cheese competitions, cheese exhibitions, cheese weeks, it’s never ending.  We at Keens have been exhibiting and tasting, selling and showing, competing and winning (big!) every weekend since July.  To be honest a couple of us are still exhibiting over in Bra, Italy with the lovely folks over at Slow Food so for James and George the show still goes on, however I thought it about time I blogged a little blog to let all of you know that we are still here, still talking to you and haven’t lost heart in this whole social media business.

Although, as much as I personally love Facebook and Twitter you just cannot beat getting out and meeting people, I love exhibiting, both to trade

The best venue this summer - Tavistock Hall, simply stunning.

The best venue this summer – Tavistock Hall, simply stunning.

and public, I love it when somebody tries our cheese for the first time and absolutely love it, and I love it when somebody tries our cheese for the first time and it really isn’t for them, the faces people pull are hilarious (honestly, we don’t mind if it’s not your cup of tea, the cheese business would be very bland if we all liked the same cheeses).

My favourite quote of the year has to be from a little girl who was probably about 10, we were at the Mid Somerset Show and she looked me in the eye and said ‘Why are you here, you sell cheese and this is a farming show.’  Actually, I’m not sure if it was what she said or if it was her mums horrified reaction that made it most memorable.

It’s the competition side I really want to shout from the rooftops about though.  This year we won trillions billions millions loads of awards, a full list of them can be found here, but in a nutshell we got  12 Golds, 13 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals, several cups including (and we are so so so happy about this one) UK Supreme Champion Cheese at the Global Cheese Awards.

Remember, we are a small family business, we make only one variety of cheese and so to win as much as we won this year really is quite an accomplishment.  At this moment in time I tip my hat to my husband’s ancestors who stuck their heels into the ground and refused to quit the cheese, their stubbornness and determination really has paid off.  Thank you.

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  1. 9-27-2013

    Great article well done on all your awards this year
    & its a pleasure to stock your cheddar & my customers

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