A step closer to self sufficiency

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A step closer to self sufficiency

Things have been ticking along just lovely at the farm. The cows took no time at all to get used to the automatic milking system, they are producing more milk than before and it’s safe to say they are a healthy and happy herd. However, we don’t like to sit stagnant for too long. Once we knew everything was ticking along just nicely with the milking system we started to research how else we can be a better business. How can we be more environmentally friendly? More economical? How can we move forward as a modern farm taking our responsibilities to the countryside seriously? The answer was quite obvious; Anaerobic Digestion.

Anaerobic Digester Permastore

Anaerobic digestion has progressed and matured in recent years. With larger AD plants springing up all over the place, some recycling waste food and some specifically growing crops to create green electric. We are only using the waste from the farm (that’s poo to you!!). Interestingly the technology to create fuel from waste products is as old as the hills, tenth century BC to be precise. But with the sophisticated technology available to us now we would be stupid not to make the most out of the lovely slurry we produce every year. So, after a long period of plotting and planning the builders have moved in (again) and life around the farm got noisy (again). The digester will do its work by heating the slurry and allowing the bacteria to go to work and break down the slurry to release methane gas. The gas will then be burnt producing both electricity and heat, which in turn we will use to power both the farm and dairy and heat the water needed to keep the dairy clean and hygienic.

As an interesting note the digester will produce enough electricity to power 70 homes. So there you have it. Keen’s Cheddar at Moorhayes farm doing their bit to use far fewer fossil fuels and save the world.