Slow food is good food

Slow down, take a second out of your busy day, enjoy some artisan chocolate, or drink some delicious coffee and let us tell you a little about our Slow Food Presidium.

Not everyone has the time to savour every last mouthful of every meal consumed during the course of a week.  Some people say that that’s life, it’s fast and it’s furious, you snooze you lose, lunch is for wimps.  But we at Keen’s strongly disagree.  Everybody has the right to just slow things right down sometimes and enjoy the small stuff in life.  And in our world, that small thing is food, and that is why we work in partnership with Slow Food.

Slow Food is the international movement for the defence of and the right to pleasure.  Even if you don’t absorb that entire sentence just focus on one word…. pleasure.  Food really should be a pleasure.  Slow Food are a global, grass roots, non-profit organisation who fight hard to counter the rise of fast (and can we add bland) food, it is their mission to reignite the passion consumers once had for their food and to protect local food traditions and educate about how food choices affect the environment.

That is why we, and two of our fellow cheese makers (Montgomery’s and Westombe), formed one of the first International Presidia projects; Artisan Somerset Cheddar.  Between us it is our aim to raise consciousness about the craftsmanship behind our artisan food and to teach our consumers how to recognise quality.  We do this through tastings, promotions and education.

If you have an event you’d like us to attend that’s in keeping with the Slow Food philosophy do let us know about it and we’ll see what we can do to help your cause.


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