Perfect Keen’s Cheddar Pairings

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Perfect Keen’s Cheddar Pairings

I know that Keen’s tastes totally amazing on it’s own, enjoyed after a satisfying meal with friends, however, I think we should give our cheese a companion, many would agree that it has a personality of it’s own so I’ve done a little homework about what the experts out there would say was a match made in heaven for our cloth bound somerset cheddar and the results are pretty mouthwatering I have to say.

There were of course a lot of people saying that the best and most simple match would be a sweet, crispy apple.  If you haven’t tried this I urge

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

you to go out to your local Deli or Farm Shop, buy the sweetest apple they have on offer along with a wedge of Keen’s cheese, find a nice quiet spot and savour  the moment.  It will be one you will remember.

I also read somewhere (and apologies I can not find the link) that Sake is a great pairing with our cheddar.  Now that I have to try.

But here are a few of my other favourites along with links to the experts who kindly donated their taste buds to the cause.

Port – Yes, you read that correctly, Port.  Apparently Port becomes increasingly fruity when eaten with a good strong cheddar.  I’d like to thank Diana Pittet over at  for giving me an excuse to dust off the old Port bottle when it’s not even Christmas.

Rioja – The guys over at described a good cloth bound cheddar with a strong red as ‘Tried and True, like two friends getting married and each elevating the other’ aahhh.

Cabernet, Chianti, IPA’s & Stouts – I hope not all at the same time!!!

Bengali Tiger – I know that this falls into the IPA category mentioned above but I had to love this exact match because within the article we were described as ‘funky’, quotes like that just can not be ignored, here’s the link if you want to know more about pairing beers and cheese

So there you have it, Keen’s plus some very exciting + 1’s.

Do you have a preference?  Anything you’ve tried that I’ve not mentioned here?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.









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  1. 4-20-2013

    Have recently tried with fresh honeycomb and with quince jelly. I normally don’t like things that are too sweet, but lived the cheddar/honeycomb combination. Try it !

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